Can men get custody of infants in New Jersey?

Gone are the days where the man would not get custody of a child. However, men still face a problem with babies and young children. The tender years doctrine stated that women would get custody of young children. I don’t think you’ll fine New Jersey judges citing to this as it is probably not the law anymore. I say probably not because there are conflicting opinions. However, men still face big hurdles when seeking custody of newborns. While more women work, it is more common that the mother may me out of work and the father would be working. All things being equal, courts will likely side with the mother. Compounding this problem for fathers is that only the mother can breastfeed. Of course, formula is an option but if the decision is made to breastfeed the child every day, the father will have to work harder to get custody. Of course, this doesn’t mean its impossible; its just a reality men have to deal with.

Union County Child Custody Attorney

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