NJ DYFS Allegations

DYFS Allegations in New Jersey

DYFS allegations can seriously impact your parental rights. DYFS (now known as DCPP) can order you to have supervised parenting time or even worse, they can remove the children from your home and place them in foster care. Most people don’t realize that they need a New Jersey DYFS lawyer until its too late. The time to call a New Jersey DYFS lawyer is the first time you hear anything about DYFS. Waiting to see what happens until you call an attorney could cause a ton of problems and cost you more money. Hiring an attorney to help make DYFS get out of your life is often cost effective compared to a full blown DYFS case in court.

What most people don’t realize is that dealing with DYFS is a very specilized area of law and most family law attorney, even the good ones, have little to no experience with DYFS. Fortunately, some of them will be honest and tell you that while others will not. At the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq, we are one of the few law firms that have experience in both custody and DYFS matters. There is no reason for you to hire two lawyers! We can do it all for you. Call our aggressive New Jersey DYFS lawyers today to discuss your case.

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  1. would anybody know of a lawyer that is not afraid to fight for the parents rights, especially if the division has not proven anything but is solely relying on allegations. I cannot sit anymore by the sidelines and let someone tell me that i am not a fit parent, especially if they are relying on allegations, even if they are made by BLOOD RELATIVES, HELLO just because they are Blood Relatives does not mean they are telling the truth!!!. I am in a really bad situation, and unfortunately i don’t have the $ 5000.00 dollars that some lawyer told me he would charge me, he didn’t even give me the option to work with him on some sort of arrangement on payments.Please!!!!!!!! someone help me. I will be the best advertisement for them. i will tell EVERYONE even people I don’t know about them. If you call me I WILL BE ABLE TO TELL YOU MORE IN DETAIL OF MY SITUATION.


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