NJ Child Custody Lawyers

The Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq. is a team of smart, aggressive child custody lawyers that will fight for you in any court in New Jersey.  Unlike many law firms that only practice family law, our lawyers will help you with any legal matter that threatens your custody or parenting time arrangement.  This includes DYFS / DCPP cases, domestic violence restraining orders, criminal charges and every DWI cases.  Many child custody cases are litigated in the context of a New Jersey divorce case so thus, our team of child custody lawyers can also handle every aspect of your divorce matter as well.  Our clients are very happy that they don’t need to hire several law firms to handle all of their custody related matters.  We can do it all.

When deciding which law firm to handle, you have many options.  While the Internet is a great place to start, did you know that most lawyer websites are written by a company?  Thus, nothing on the website may actually reflect that firm’s voice, their passion or how they will approach your case.  Furthermore, anyone can put up a website; it doesn’t mean they have experience.  This blog was made so that you can learn more about our team, what we believe, how we handle cases and the experience we have in child custody cases and related matters.  We believe that an educated client, is a better client.  After all, there is nothing more important in family court than a proper child custody determination.

Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW 24 hours a day, everyday to discuss your case.  


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