Child Custody Lawyers in New Jersey

How does deciding child custody in NJ work?

In most family law cases, parents have the opportunity to decide their child custody arrangements through mutual agreement. When both parents work together to decide on a parenting schedule, it will serve the best interests of the child while working well for the adults.

Custody of a child in New Jersey law means you take responsibility for and have rights to the child’s care, residence, and upbringing. Usually, natural or biological parents petition for custody or visitation. Sometimes grandparents, siblings, stepparents, or other relatives or caregivers who share a close relationship with or helped raise the child earn custody or visitation rights, too. When a parent is absent, dangerous, hospitalized, incarcerated, or otherwise unable to provide for the child, a guardian or psychological parent may claim custody.

Unfortunately, coming to an agreement on custody arrangements doesn’t always go smoothly. Some divorcing parents or guardians with conflicting goals find that working together means arguing. Butting heads over child support usually coincides with disagreements about visitation schedules, as well. In these circumstances, a court must intervene to separate the intentions or goals of the adult from the needs of the child. Courts always consider what would be best for the child when deciding who gets custody and when.

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Our custody schedules keep the whole family happy.

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The Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq.: tough and professional, with a strong record of winning New Jersey child custody cases.

  1. Please call me I m in n j. D C c P . Problem. 845 285 8847

  2. I need help so bad!! My kids are suffering I lost everything over lies and helping people. I never thought after losing my 3mon old to sids exactly one year later all five of my kids 15 10 7yr old twins and a 1yr old twin to the baby that passed.. My husband is going to jail for drugs that were left in my house by a friend that I let stay for a week.. He wansnt my husband at the time he wasnt even living there.. They came to my house with a body warrant went through my dresser drawer and found drugs I didnt even know was there.. The police threatened to take us to jail n call dyfs if they didnt find him some officers left for 3 hours they had no luck so they called dyfs on me arrested my husband and lied on the report they kept putting in plain sight after drugs in the report.. They lied so bad and thats not the end but my tears are starting.. I cant eat sleep breathe nothing how do you live without your reason for living.. Jesus the only reason I wake.. Please help me Please I want compensation for slander defamation illegal search pain and suffering wrongful imprisonment and my children and my husband back! I know I can win the judge even gave my kids back twice.. Really four times dyfs didnt return them. This is a sad amazing story.. What happen to helping families and can you believe I asked for my case to be opened for grief counceling for us and get this we are still waiting for that! Dyfs is horrible so is the justice system.. I am a mother not every mom can say that and I will fight until I die to get my children back.. JESUS is law and he knows the truth I need a good lawyer and this whole game will turn yes I am poor but love and prayer dont cost.. Please help me I will pay whatever Please my children need me..

  3. do you offer a free consultation I have a DCP&P [DYFS] case Gloucester County N.J.

  4. I’m in of a lawyer to fight for full custody of my daughter.

  5. Please call me 732 9309916 hilda

  6. Hello, is there a PRIVATE QUESTION I can make?

  7. To Whom it may concern,

    . I am seeking help from an attorney to help me with my child custody. My son is currently 6years old.His father had never been there, never did a thing for him and even stayed away for four years of my sons life, in January 2011 he decided to come back into the picture and put my son in an uncomfortable situation, he did not like the fact I didn’t. Hand my son over to him directly and took me to court. He has since then not followed the court orders and doesn’t plan on doing so. What would be my chances of gaining full custody of my son? He is supposed to pay child support but pays when he remembers or when its connvient for him, he last saw my son in May 2012 and has not seen him since.

    please any advice would be highly appreciated.

    Thank You,

    Donna Wagner

  8. Lisa Dabydeen

    Hi ☀Good Morning🌞 my sister lives in west orange. Yesterday she lost her custody battle and she’s an emotional wreck right now. I’m trying to find out information about her legal rights and possibly take a lawyer and appeal the case. First let’s
    Say the judge only gave her an hour with the child and she gave the father full custody. He doesn’t support the child in no way possible. Government helps my sister take care of him and my mom. He goes to school and he’s always at his mothers house and he leaves the child with her. Whatever tax money he gets for the baby he pays for his college fees. He doesn’t save any for his son. Last week she was sick. She found out she had cancer in her neck and she wanted to come 🏠Home🏡. He made sure he called his cousin which is a police and they made a police report agonist her. 
    Also we are religious my parents didn’t want us to have kids before marriage so when my mom Found out she wanted my sister to have an aboriton. He brought his cousin (the cop) to my house saying we’re threaten to kill her and her unborn child. Which wasn’t all true. Anyways since the child was born my mom was there and my mom began to ❤Love😍 the child. Everything he wants she makes sure she provides it for him. She does everything for him. She loves him like if he’s her son. Now the father told the judge that now we can’t see the kid anymore. Which is unfair. Everytime my sister says something to the judge she doesn’t listen to my sister. But when her boyfriend speaks she listens. 
    We want to appeal the case but the judge said we can’t. I don’t think that’s right tho. Can’t you appeal a case as serious as this at least three times ? Do you think you can help. I’ll really like a respond. Thank You. 

  9. I am in the middle of a nasty intensive custody battle with my daughter s father can someone please let me know if you can get a free consultation with your firm. I really need help with this case my daughter doesn’t want to be with her father she states she is scared of him. Please can you help me

  10. I want to file for custody of my daugther as soon as possible I’m not sure how to do this. I need help desperately

  11. My name is Marie Denise Toussaint

    It’s been 4 years since I am fitting for custody for my 6 years old son I need a lawyer to represent me in jerseys Familly court plz have a lawyer to call me at this number 631-355-3031

  12. Hi , i am reaching back out to you because I spoke with you back in the summer about my child custody case . I currently have full custody of my daughter and her father is not around at all nor does he put effort in to be. Recently he applied for joint custody but expressed to me he only wanted visitation which I am not okay with. Because he has threaten to kill her on numerous occasions with many documented domestic violence incidents dated back to 2009 when I first got pregnant. He has priors and has been arrested almost a handfull
    of times earlier in the year for non payment on child support which is why he applied for joint custody ( one of his numerous attempts but never shows up) he only showed up this time because he thought he would get an increase in child support. The judge order a parenting investigation on us both , And as of last week he has yet to comply with any of them except the home inspection because he lives with his mom and she was home. The probation officer said they were going to put the file together and present it to the judge and i should be going back into court soon. You had given me a price of 1500$ for the retainer fee. My case is pretty black and white. He has never been around nor does he and family call to see her ever. The only time he calls is to try and work things out with me. What are your hourly rates?

  13. I am a homeless woman for three months now, my husband displaced me and has since moved in with his parent’s in green brook with our six year old son. I just received a call from Somerset cnty courts saying i am to appear tomorrow for his parents filed for guardianship of my son at the request of green brook school. I am waiting for conformation on that, now I cannot appear not knowing or been notified with no perm address to receive mail, I called the court clerk and still waiting for a call back, what is my recourse of feeling this was done behind my back, and or assasination of character, my husband and his parents seem to be secretive and the school system. I love my son and am working hard to gain permanent residence so I can have him with me, I am just homeless right now. please help? Anne Santos

  14. Need to know the process and steps to have custody for my 8 year old daughter

  15. I need help, I would like to get custody of my children . My wife cheated on me. She left my daughters with me and she left the house

  16. We’re can I go to get a document that relinquished the fathers rights

  17. Cornelius robinson

    Can I appeal a relocation case..? My sons mother moved to FL and I live in jersey.. The move was denied first.. The judge stating he didn’t want to break the bound me and my son had.. Then after the mother moving to FL she got an attorney and the judge in a matter of Two months changed the ruling and is letting her relocate.. Their s a lot more to this matter..but I want to no if I can appeal..??? HELP..!!!!!

  18. please call

  19. I have court with my daughter father for custody battle and I have a lawyer and I can’t get a hold of him . I’m going to ask judge to give me time to get another lawyer .

  20. My daughter was taken from me because of an assumption I was using drugs all drugs they received from me were clean. Including the one they got the day she was taken. On August 15th the judge ordered my daughter was to be placed in my custody with no further court orders. Hear my case manager stated she will be returned before Sept. Its now Sept 28th. She still in foster care. Crying for me as I crying for her. They were court ordered to cone out with an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs. They waited till I contacted higher power. Now they are saying her father had to go into an inpatient program. He went into detox and he’s been clean for a month. Now they r waiting for a bed in a rehab. I feel my child should be home with me. She is Autistic and don’t understand change. Why are they punishing me for nothing. Her father is clean. She needs her mommy. She had surgery and couldn’t come home were she needed her mommy’s care. Please help me!

  21. Good Afternoon,

    I am inquiring about receiving legal assistance regarding custody of my 2 children. I am hoping to schedule a consultation to further assist me. Thank you

  22. Bradley Edwards

    My son and daughter live in New Jersey ..I live in Michigan I moved to Michigan to start a new life, my daughter would like to come live with me and my son would like to stay with his mother I need your help and to get my daughter to Michigan. My daughter is 15 will be 16 on October 27th my son is 16 and will be 17 on May 3rd.

  23. Dyfs removed my kids from there mothers house for immediate danger. I , the father of the two children involved, live in a separate household, work, drug free and have no open cases with dyfs and any allegations from past investigations were unfounded ( over two years ago from the most recent case. They have had it out for me for years because of an underlying charge from when I was a juvenile but have no legal grounds to come after me so what they did was when they applied to temporarily removal they attached me as a dispositional defendant, put false information about me in the discovery but never linked me to the allegation because they couldn’t and didn’t have a way and the judge gave them temporary custody and dyfs put my kids in a strangers house, wait it gets better, ALL of this without my knowledge! They never contacted me, never gave me a discovery, no public defender, and the courts STILL didn’t send me the court date or any information regarding the court date on April 26, 2016. The way I found out was a letter from the public defender for the kids sent me a letter to submit family members. I was crippled in an instant. They were obligated to contact me first to see if I could take them, and me and my ENTIRE family would have! They kidnapped my kids and they put themselves out there this time. So we started calling dyfs, found out who she was and then called her. She was so surprised I found out so we started demanding my kids. The whole time my kids were less than ten minutes from my house. This is illegal and we need serious, fast help. My family will help pay but we can’t come up with thousands of dollars upfront, maybe $1500, but we will pay u whatever. We just need some serious good help. Call me please 6098484762,

  24. Zikiyah Flagler

    I was told that my daughter father was given full custody of our daughter and i never went to court we both agreeed until i find a job and get a place he would just have rediention custody How could this happen to me if he didn’t live with his parents je couldn’t take care of by himself neither

  25. Hi! I have sole custody of my son. I divorced his father and there is a fro in place. My son has not seen his father in almost five years. I hired an attorney and my cross motion was not heard because the courts sent the paperwork back to my attorney stating my ex filed paperwork wrong. Well on Friday the courts heard my exhusband case and granted him supervised parenting time. My son has 26 allergies and is about 7 medications for asthma. My ex is also a con artist will eleven aliases or so. He left my sons life and my son cried because he does not want to see his dad. He stated it makes him nervous. Please help me get this overturned. In the middle of all this my son is being evaluated for seizures, sleep disorder, adhd and behavior assessment. Please help me stop him from reunification visits. Not now. My sons going thru enough. My lawyer dropped the ball and told me no court so he appeared but I didn’t. What can be done.please help me .

  26. I need help with child custody how can I get help

  27. Our son and his wife of almost 4 years will most likely be getting a divorce soon. They separated a couple of months ago and he has moved back to Las Vegas with his family. She still resides in NJ with their 8 year old son. Her family is in NJ. Our concern is that she doesn’t want to “allow” their son to be with his father (our son) unless she is present. Doesn’t he have rights to see and be with his son too? How is custody determined when they are so geographically far apart?

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