New Jersey Child Custody Lawyers

New Jersey Child Custody

When most people call a lawyer for custody issues in New Jersey, they are generally speaking about physical custody. Fighting over legal custody is rarely an issue but it does happen. Click here to learn more about legal custody. The focus of any custody battle in New Jersey will be the best interests of the child. We say custody battle because our attorneys approach every case as if it is a battle. Fortunately, some cases can be resolved without resorting to expensive litigation through mediation and negotiation. However, our team of tough, smart New Jersey custody lawyers have found that the preparation done for a custody battle can often convince the other side to settle the case in our client’s favor.

Gone are the days where the gender of the parent will play a key part in the Court’s decision. Instead, the Court’s decision will be based upon evidence and argument. Thus, having a team of NJ custody attorneys to bring the evidence together and make the tough arguments can vastly improve your chances of getting the result you want. Our child custody lawyers are objective and we will never just tell you what you want to hear. This policy does cost us business as prospective clients will skip us and call other attorneys who will yes them to death. We would rather not have those clients as we would be doing a huge disservice to them if we did not give it to them straight.

The start of your custody case will depend on the status of the case itself. Is this child custody case just starting out due to a divorce, separation or the birth of the child? Are you seeking to change custody by filing a motion in Superior Court? Or are you switching attorneys in the middle of a custody battle already in progress? While the start of your relationship with us will depend on the status of the case, one thing will not change: we need to come up with a battle plan right away. If there are roadblocks in the case, we need to come up with a plan to move them out of the way. Once out of the way, we can go on offense and fight to get the custody arrangement that you want.

Call us anytime to discuss your custody matter and how our team of NJ child custody lawyers can help you.

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