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Passaic County Child Custody Lawyers help client defeat motion to change custody

Passaic County Child Custody Lawyers help client defeat motion to change custody

Tracy B.

This client made a real mess out of her situation. She had been handling her case without an attorney for years and she made a lot of wrong moves that could have cost her custody of her children. The father sought to change custody and to remove the children to another state. In addition to dating a boyfriend that was a sex offender, the client also had DYFS (now DCPP) involvement and was alleged to have a drug problem. Nevertheless, our lawyers fought back hard against the motion and it was completely defeated. The father stormed out of court in anger.

This once again shows that this firm handles both sides of custody matters.

Gloucester County Child Custody Attorney helps client win parenting time motion

T.M. Gloucester County Child Custody Motion

In this case, the client was facing a motion from the father of the child for increased visitation in Gloucester County Superior Court (Woodbury).  She was very nervous because she wanted to protect the child from the father.  She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do but we assured her that if we fought the case hard and shut it down, she could then be in complete control of the parenting time schedule instead of having it forced upon her.  This allows her to protect her child much better since the father had a history of drug use, unstable housing and criminal activity.  While it involved a lot of work, we were able to shut down the father’s motion for increased visitation.

If you have a child custody issue that you need help with, call the team of tough, smart Gloucester County Child Custody Lawyers today.

Warren County Child Custody Lawyers helps client keep sole custody of children

T.S. Warren County Child Custody Case

Our Warren County Child Custody Lawyers helped this client in her divorce case.  A few months later, the father filed a motion for joint legal custody and other relief.  Our child custody lawyers fought hard against the father’s motion.  We called it what is was – harassment.  Luckily, the court denied his entire motion.  We showed him that our client would not be harassed by his frivolous motions.  If you are being harassed by frivolous child custody motions in any court in New Jersey, call our team of tough, smart lawyers today to discuss your case.

Union County Child Custody Lawyer helps Father keep custody of child

V.C. – Union County Child Custody Case

In this case, both parents were fighting over custody of their young child.  The parties were not married and they had never been to court before.  Due to some of the mother’s mental health issues, the father claimed custody of the child when the parties broke up.  Popular thinking is that fathers cannot get custody of young children.  Our Union County Child Custody Lawyers were confident going in to the court appearance that we would be able to maintain the father as the primary custody of the child.  However, when the mother showed up with her own lawyer, who is clearly a top Child Custody Lawyer, we knew that this was going to be a knock down, drag out fight.  It is rare to see a case with two child custody lawyers in a FD case in Union County.  After arguing the case in front of the judge, the court sides with our lawyers and the father was awarded physical custody of the child.  Our lawyers were also successful in making sure that the mother’s parenting time was supervised.

Don’t let someone tell you that fathers cannot get custody of children in New Jersey.  It is possible.  Call our Union County Child Custody Lawyers today to discuss your case.

Toms River Child Custody Lawyers help client regain unsupervised visitation

Our Toms River Child Custody Lawyers helped a client regain her parental rights today in Ocean County Superior Court. The client was facing a tough DYFS case at the same time her divorce case was going on. As a result of her cases being mismanaged by a prior attorney, her case was a total mess. In fact, these cases appeared hopeless from the surface. However, when our lawyers see a tough case, we get tougher.worked non-stop to fight against the non-stop allegations from her husband, the law guardian and DYFS. The judge was a second away from putting the client in in-patient but we prevented it from happening.continued to fight hard and at the next court appearance, we got the DYFS case dismissed and as a result, the client’s visitation was no longer supervised.

Ocean County Child Custody Lawyer helps client regain visitation rights


Ocean County

In this case, our client (the father) had a vindictive ex call DYFS (now DCPP) on him and make false allegations of child abuse and neglect.  Unfortunately, the client did not call us when dealing with the DYFS investigation.  Like many people, he felt that he didn’t need a lawyer because he didn’t do anything wrong.  He wasn’t using drugs so why not take a drug test?  After passing several tests, he failed one.  He swore that he didn’t use any drugs so we made sure that he took a hair follicle test.  We then worked with DYFS to close out their investigation once we were able to show them that this was a false positive.  We also made sure that DYFS sent over a report to the court.  The timing of everything was very close but the court received everything the day before the motion date.  As a result, the mother’s motion to suspend parenting time was denied and our client’s visitation rights were restored just in time for the holidays.

Ocean County visitation lawyers

Toms River Child Custody Lawyers help client regain custody following DYFS case


Ocean County

This was a very difficult case because the client had a previous DYFS case where he was found to have abused or neglected his child. As a result, he wound up losing most of his parental rights. His parents were given primary custody of the child which worked out fine for a while. However, the client eventually moved out and a rift eventually developed between himself and his parents. They made numerous allegations against him in an attempt to prevent him from having primary custody of the child. The mother had absolutely no parental rights so the real right was between him and his parents. His brother also made very serious allegations against him and the mother of the child joined in with the parents. Thus, it felt like the world was against us. Complicating matters even further was that the client never went back to court to change the custody arrangements. Instead, he just worked it out on his own with his parents. This caused a lot of problems for the court as there was a DYFS finding against the client. Nevertheless, we fought hard over two court appearances. At the end, we were able to preserve my client’s parental rights and we kept him as the parent of primary residence.

Toms River Child Custody Attorneys

Mount Holly Child Custody Lawyers help client defeat restraining order


Burlington County

In an effort to win the custody battle in the divorce case, the wife filed a restraining order against our client, the father. The client fired his previous attorney for not being able to get a plan to get the job done. He hired our team of tough and aggressive attorneys and we came up with a great plan to win the case so as to protect and restore his parental rights in the divorce case. After going to court, we were able to get the restraining order dismissed thereby restoring his parental rights and parenting time.

Mount Holly Child Custody Lawyers

Hunterdon County Child Custody Lawyer helps client defeat restraining order and keep his parenting time


Hunterdon County

This was a fun, yet very difficult case. Although the mother in the case was pro se, she was intelligent and relentless. She made a number of allegations against my client but the primary allegation was domestic violence which resulted in a temporary restraining order. The hearing last multiple days and it was an attempt to reduce, if not eliminate his parenting time. Although it was a close call for the judge, we were able to win the hearing and restore the client’s parenting time which had been limited due to the temporary restraining order.

Hunterdon County Child Custody Lawyer

Atlantic County Child Custody Lawyers help client keep custody of her children


Atlantic County

The divorced parents in this matter had joint custody of the parties’ children but the father always wanted to have full custody. Our client, the mother, had a new boyfriend live with her. After an allegation developed against the boyfriend, the father hired an attorney and sought full custody of the children. The mother fired her previous attorney and hired us. We fought hard and within a few weeks, we closed the case and restored the mother’s parenting rights.

Atlantic County Child Custody Lawyers