NJ Divorce Lawyers

In New Jersey, the fight over child custody is often the central focus in a divorce case. Of course, the battle become even more complicated when you also have to fight many smaller battles over financial issues at the same time.  Some lawyers fail to plan for the custody battle, perhaps hoping that same will settle at some point or that it will drag on thus increasing the legal fees.  As the old saying goes, when you fail to plan you plan to fail.  Are you confident that your divorce attorney has a plan to win the custody battle?  If not, how can you hope to have any chance of success?

If your New Jersey divorce case involves custody or parenting issues, you need a team of lawyers that can help you get the results that are best for you and your family.  Our team of tough, smart NJ divorce attorneys will help you set up a plan from the start.  We know how to set up the case for victory from the very beginning.  By making moves early and often, our lawyers have found that trials can be avoided.  After all, if the other lawyer believes that we are more prepared for the custody battle, their own confidence may be severely shaken. As a result, instead of losing at trial, most lawyers will seek to settle.

While child custody may be the primary focus of your divorce case, your family deserves the best outcome for the entire divorce case.  Thus, our lawyers can help you fight the battle on many fronts.  While we are working on the custody and parenting time issues, we will also work on the financial issues that are important to you.  It doesn’t matter how complex the case is.  We are the aggressive attorneys you want in your corner, especially when the going gets tough.  Call us anytime to discuss all of the issues in your divorce case.

New Jersey Divorce Attorneys

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