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What Happens During a New Jersey Child Custody Evaluation?

If a previous custody resolution process like an assessment or mediation yields no solution, the court may order a full child custody evaluation at the parents’ expense. Parents may agree to a single evaluator or each retain their own separately, and the court may also order a neutral evaluator.

Our custody lawyers keep your children happy

It is important to your family’s happiness that you succeed in navigating custody with your child’s other parent.

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New Jersey Resources and Links for Families and Children

Resources for Families

Free Legal Forms

Healthy Children

Case Law: Cases and Codes

Nurse/Family Partnership

American Academy of Pediatrics

National Alliance on Mental Illness

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

New Jersey Family Law

When parents separate, families find help at the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq.

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How Do You Prove a Parent to Be Unfit?

Courts distinguish marital faults from misconduct that indicates an unfit parent. In other words, proof of a horrible spouse does not automatically deem that spouse an unfit parent, and seeking custody doesn’t have to eliminate parenting time. Although no one is legally required to parent perfectly, the court can decide that the dangerously imperfect are unfit.

Protect your child from harm with the help of Jef Henninger

Only specific criteria will convince a New Jersey family court to declare a parent to be unfit.

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New Jersey Domestic Violence Attorneys

NJ Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence charges will likely impact your parental rights. While our courts have recognized that litigants can use domestic violence allegations to get an advantage in custody and family court matters, courts can still be all too ready to grant a final restraining order. When a FRO is granted, there is a presumption that is very difficult to overcome that you will not get custody. In fact, many people with an FRO have supervised visitation. Furthermore, the F in FRO really does stand for final which means that there is no expiration date. It is just as valid 20 years from now as it is today. Thus, your parental rights could be impacted forever. When its all on the line, you need a team of tough, smart NJ domestic violence lawyers that will protect you and fight back against false allegations.

Most divorces and other family court matters settle. Thus, some New Jersey family law attorneys may have very little trial experience. Furthermore, most family law attorneys in New Jersey do not handle criminal cases, at least not on a regular basis. Thus, when you are looking for a  New Jersey law firm to handle your domestic violence matter, be sure to select a law firm with recognized experience. You need a team of tough, aggressive lawyers that have many trials under their belts. Our battle tested domestic violence defense lawyers know that it takes to win. Call us today to see how we can help you. Let us come up with a plan to crush the case against you!

New Jersey domestic violence lawyers

Warren County Child Custody Lawyers help client win custody in divorce case


Warren County

This was another tough divorce case because the parties hated each other even more so than the average case. Before we were involved in the case there were a number of domestic violence issues, restraining orders and criminal charges. Half way through the case, the father went pro se and thus, had no more legal fees to pay which put our client at a significant disadvantage. The case was headed to trial but within a few weeks of the scheduled trial date, we worked out a settlement where the client got custody of the children, child support and alimony.

Warren County Child Custody Lawyers