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New Jersey Resources and Links for Families and Children

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New Jersey Family Law

When parents separate, families find help at the Law Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq.

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Visitation Lawyers help client regain unsupervised parenting time in Monmouth County


Monmouth County

Client was accused of abusing alcohol and prescription medication at the same time. As a result, the mother filed an order to show cause to prevent him from having parenting time and it was successful. His visitation was limited to just a few hours at healing hearts. Making matters worse was that the mother had the top law firm in the area backing her up. Since we back down to no one, we fought heard to show that the allegations were baseless. Within a few weeks, our client’s parenting rights were restored and the client has referred a number of friends to our firm since.

Motion of unsupervised parenting time in NJ

Monmouth County Child Visitation Lawyers helps client regain parenting time


Monmouth County

This was very difficult because our client went to court without a lawyer and got a final restraining order against him. Adding insult to injury was that he filed a number of frivolous motions which not only upset the judge but it made him look crazy. This in turn led to an award of counsel fees to the other side. Speaking of the other side, they had one of the top local law firms on their side. Thus, the cards were stacked against us. Although it took about 6 months, we chipped away at the case little by little, steadily making progress. My client went from having almost no visitation to supervised visitation to unsupervised visitation on a regular schedule. This despite the incredible resistance that the other side constantly put up including weekly allegations against our client.

Motion for Increased Parenting Time in New Jersey