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Aggressive Ocean County Custody Lawyers help mother gain custody of children


Ocean County

Although the parties were married, this was not a divorce case. We represented the mother and the father sought full custody of the parties’ children because of a number of allegations against the mother and a friend who moved into the house. This friend was repeatedly referred to as a boyfriend. To make matters worse, the father hired a lawyer who is known locally as a bulldog. When the going gets tough, we get tougher! We fought back hard from the client and we beat back every allegation completely cutting out the legs of the other sides case. As a result, the court awarded custody to our client.

Aggressive Ocean County Custody Lawyers

Ocean County Parenting Time Lawyers


Ocean County

This case involved two young adults who had a child together. We represented the mother who was trying to keep the father from having significant parenting time. We were able to prevent him from having lengthy parenting time. Furthermore, he had to have supervised parenting time. Six months later he hired an attorney and tried again. Once again, we were able to keep everything the same.

Ocean County Parenting Time Lawyers

Middlesex County Child Custody Lawyers help father gain custody of child


Middlesex County

In this divorce case, we represented a father who was seeking full custody from the mother. The father alleged that the mother’s boyfriend molested the child. However, the boyfriend was not arrested. We worked with the Prosecutor’s Office to get the case moving and it eventually did. The boyfriend was subsequently arrested. Despite the fact that the mother hired a good law firm, we were able to secure full custody for the father.

Middlesex County Child Custody Lawyers

Visitation Lawyers help client regain unsupervised parenting time in Monmouth County


Monmouth County

Client was accused of abusing alcohol and prescription medication at the same time. As a result, the mother filed an order to show cause to prevent him from having parenting time and it was successful. His visitation was limited to just a few hours at healing hearts. Making matters worse was that the mother had the top law firm in the area backing her up. Since we back down to no one, we fought heard to show that the allegations were baseless. Within a few weeks, our client’s parenting rights were restored and the client has referred a number of friends to our firm since.

Motion of unsupervised parenting time in NJ

Monmouth County Child Visitation Lawyers helps client regain parenting time


Monmouth County

This was very difficult because our client went to court without a lawyer and got a final restraining order against him. Adding insult to injury was that he filed a number of frivolous motions which not only upset the judge but it made him look crazy. This in turn led to an award of counsel fees to the other side. Speaking of the other side, they had one of the top local law firms on their side. Thus, the cards were stacked against us. Although it took about 6 months, we chipped away at the case little by little, steadily making progress. My client went from having almost no visitation to supervised visitation to unsupervised visitation on a regular schedule. This despite the incredible resistance that the other side constantly put up including weekly allegations against our client.

Motion for Increased Parenting Time in New Jersey


Ocean County Child Custody Attorneys help client keep jurisdiction in Pennsylvania


Ocean County

This case was a different type of fight. Instead of fighting over custody, we were fighting over jurisdiction. The client knew that the state that established jurisdiction would forever impact his parental rights and obligations. The mother fought to keep the case in New Jersey and we fought to keep it in Pennsylvania. Even though the mother represented herself at the first court appearance, it still wasn’t a cake walk. We had to fight hard to get what we wanted and we did. Within two weeks, the mother hired a powerful law firm to file a motion to reconsider. We had to battle even harder and we did. The Court once again sided with us and the jurisdiction was kept in Pennsylvania.

Child Custody Lawyers in Ocean County

Bergen County Divorce Lawyer helps client get custody of child


Bergen County

Our client was the father of the child in this case. In addition to a divorce case, there was also a pending DYFS case. The client fired his lawyer and then hired us. Within just a few months we resolved the DYFS case in his favor. Through the DYFS case, we were then able to get him custody of the child. With custody out of the way, we quickly resolved the divorce case as well. Needless to say, the client was very happy that he came over to us.

Bergen County Divorce Attorneys

Warren County Child Custody Lawyers help client win custody in divorce case


Warren County

This was another tough divorce case because the parties hated each other even more so than the average case. Before we were involved in the case there were a number of domestic violence issues, restraining orders and criminal charges. Half way through the case, the father went pro se and thus, had no more legal fees to pay which put our client at a significant disadvantage. The case was headed to trial but within a few weeks of the scheduled trial date, we worked out a settlement where the client got custody of the children, child support and alimony.

Warren County Child Custody Lawyers

Ocean County Divorce Lawyer helps client gain custody of child


Ocean County

This was a tough divorce case because the father wanted custody of the parties’ child and he would not give up. We fought hard for the client and we had more resolve than the other side. It didn’t help that the father’s attorney was very difficult to deal with. Just before trial, we worked out a settlement where the client was the custodial parent. This is what happens when you have an aggressive child custody lawyer that is fully prepared to go to trial.

Child Custody Attorney in Ocean County

Burlington County Child Custody Attorney helps mother gain sole custody of child


Burlington County

Client wanted to terminate the father’s legal custody because he was in prison and he was using his rights to harass her. We filed a motion and the other side fought us hard even though he was in prison. However, we came up with a long list of arguments for our client and in the end, the court sided with us. As a result, the father cannot sit in prison and harass our client any longer.

Burlington County Child Custody Attorneys