What to Expect During a Child Custody Assessment in New Jersey

New Jersey Child Custody Dispute Resolution Process

A child custody dispute that parents or other interested family members cannot resolve land in front of a New Jersey family court judge, and may be sent to a custody and parenting time mediation program. In this resolution process, an impartial third party mediates the parents’ custody and parenting time disagreements, giving them the opportunity to develop a plan together.

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When custody remains unsolved through a mutual parental agreement that prioritizes the child’s needs, the court may order an assessment or evaluation, which can be expensive. Before evaluations, assessments, hearings, or trials begin, secure a New Jersey family court lawyer. An aggressive lawyer can map out the proper battle plan to win the case. Walking in cold to see what happens without a lawyer later is not wise.

In an assessment or evaluation, an independent mental health expert or neutral parenting coordinator conducts a thorough reckoning of the needs of the children, and each parent’s ability to meet those needs.

  • Custody Neutral Assessment (CNA): identifies the issues preventing parents from agreeing to custodial terms. Encourages actions that could relieve pressures or address stressors causing disputes instead of producing a custody recommendation. Usually performed by a qualified social worker or psychologist.
  • Visitation Risk Assessment: looks for objective evidence of psychological problems or behavior patterns that could lead to inappropriate, harmful, or dangerous interactions between parent and child. Determines if evidence sufficiently justifies recommending supervised visitation.
  • Safety and Risk Assessment: determines the likelihood that a child will be mistreated in the immediate future by observing threats to the child’s safety in the family situation. Allegations of an unsafe environment and parental alienation commonly appear in these cases.

Preparing for a custody assessment, evaluation, hearing, or trial

  1. Arrive early and dress neatly
  2. Be open and answer honestly
  3. Speak clearly and directly
  4. Listen carefully and understand the questions before speaking
  5. Relax and be yourself

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