What Are the Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents in NJ?

Unmarried parents routinely have the same custody, support, and visitation problems that married ones have. Establishing paternity is vital in nondissolution custody cases, when unmarried partners separate. New Jersey family courts make no assumption about a father’s identity when an unmarried woman gives birth.

Unmarried parents divorce lawyer in New Jersey.

Divorce lawyers in New Jersey also help parents who never signed a marriage certificate.

To a child, it does not matter whether the parents were married, and NJ family law operates from the perspective of the child’s best interest. As long as paternity is concrete, as in most conventional divorce proceedings, virtually nothing distinguishes married and unmarried couples in custody determinations—they have the same rights, responsibilities, and limitations.

Most custody battles are fought uphill in both directions, but unmarried parents might find their hills a little steeper, with a more winding path to the battlefield. Still, when unmarried parents separate and disagree by pursuing sole custody, filing motions to prevent their child from relocating, or requesting financial support, New Jersey nondissolution courts step in.

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Sometimes even the most compatible parents can’t resolve their custody plan problems alone. A couple who separates their assets, ends their relationship, and disagrees over childcare needs the services of a solid family law and divorce attorney. You do not need to be a good partner to be a good parent. The demanding, informed counsel at the Offices of Jef Henninger, Esq. will protect your parental rights throughout the nondissolution process. Call our hotline for complimentary consultations, 1-855-9-JEFLAW.

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