Toms River Child Custody Lawyers help client regain custody following DYFS case


Ocean County

This was a very difficult case because the client had a previous DYFS case where he was found to have abused or neglected his child. As a result, he wound up losing most of his parental rights. His parents were given primary custody of the child which worked out fine for a while. However, the client eventually moved out and a rift eventually developed between himself and his parents. They made numerous allegations against him in an attempt to prevent him from having primary custody of the child. The mother had absolutely no parental rights so the real right was between him and his parents. His brother also made very serious allegations against him and the mother of the child joined in with the parents. Thus, it felt like the world was against us. Complicating matters even further was that the client never went back to court to change the custody arrangements. Instead, he just worked it out on his own with his parents. This caused a lot of problems for the court as there was a DYFS finding against the client. Nevertheless, we fought hard over two court appearances. At the end, we were able to preserve my client’s parental rights and we kept him as the parent of primary residence.

Toms River Child Custody Attorneys

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